Magalies Classic Gin (750ml)


A smooth, premium, clear gin that can be enjoyed neat, on ice or with your favourite mixer. Distilled with 16 different botanicals it is complex in flavour. The notes of the Magalies Classic Gin is lemon and lime, supported by traditional gin botanicals such as juniper berries, liquorice root and the humble rose scented geranium.  Best described as a bouquet of flavours. This complex gin is bold and stand up to tonic water. It could be called a modern day London Dry Style gin as it starts out with a neutral spirit as base and obtain all it’s flavours from the quality plant materials we use during distillation.

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Made from 16 different botanicals, the Magalies Classic Gin is balanced and intriguing. As a result of its complexity it pairs well with most tonic water. Furthermore its bouquet of flavours ensure you will not get tired of drinking it. The Magalies Valley supply Lemon and Limes which forms the main flavour of the gin. An array of citrus farms can be found on the Northern slopes of the mountain range. A modern day London Dry Style gin. That is to say it use a neutral base which does not contribute to the final flavour of the gin. The botanicals added supply all the flavour to this flavourful gin.

Variants in the Magalies Gin Range

The classic gin is use as base for our Magalies Lavender Gin and Magalies Rose Gin. Together these three form a trio.

Production and Botanicals

It starts out with hand harvested and peeled limes and lemons from farmers and the gardens around our beautiful Hartbeespoort based Distillery. To balance the citrus flavours we add rose geranium grown in our own gardens. Blossoms from aloes endemic to the Magalies region are also added. Lastly, we use a secret botanical contributing to the unique flavour of this Gin. The aloe blossoms in this gin are from the Aloe Peglerae and Aloe Arborescens, which are endemic to the Magaliesberg area. The distillery has planted its own aloes – grown from seed – for harvesting of blossoms in the future and conservation of these species.

Distiller’s Notes on the Magalies Classic (Lemon & Lime) Gin

Main Botanicals: Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass
Notes: A sweet nose with lemongrass, lime and rose geranium. Fresh flavours on the mouth with an aftertaste of lemongrass and juniper
Serving Suggestion: This is a versatile gin, and can be used with most tonics and any classic gin cocktails. Garnish with basil, rosemary, lime wedges, berries and pineapple.
Gin Mojito Cocktail Recipe: Muddle lime wedges & mint leaves in a glass with ice. Add 1.5 tot Magalies Classic Gin, 0.75 tot lime juice, 0.75 tot mint syrup and top up with soda water.

A premium and versatile gin, that can be used in G&T’s and any classic gin cocktails. With its citrus forward flavour profile and a fresh nose it received a Gold Medal at the 2019 SA Craft Gin Awards. Our perfect serve is in the Tom Collins cocktail, garnished with a lime wedge.

This gin is produced in small batches of around 100 bottles at a time, with hand harvested botanicals. It is bottled and labeled by hand. No automation, only pure passion and care that goes into every Incendo Distillery product.

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