Gin Tasting Box


Discover our gins with our gin tasting box. Enjoy the tasting from the comfort of your home, gift it to your gin friends or send it to your team as a corporate team building. Our wooden gift-boxed gin tasting set comprises of our Magalies and Giniper brands. The box includes our Rose and Lavender flavoured gins from our multi award-winning Magalies gin range as well as our favourite Lemon & Lime flavoured Magalies Classic gin. The set is completed with our internationally acclaimed Giniper Citrus & Fynbos gin. The contents are beautifully packaged in a laser-cut wooden box. Each gin is paired with a different mixer, dried botanical and includes tasting notes and a cocktail recipe.

Included in the laser-cut wooden box:

  • 4 x 50ml bottles of gin
  • 4 x 200ml mixers
  • 1 x Crystal glass
  • Dried botanical garnishes
  • Tasting notes / cocktail recipe card

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Enjoy a gin tasting at home or the office or send it as a gift. Incendo Distillery Magalies & Giniper Gin Tasting Box
Gin Tasting Box R360.00

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Whether you’re an experienced gin drinker, or the ultimate beginner, this is for you! A beautifully printed wooden box with an Incendo Distillery branded crystal tumbler glass. Combined with four types of gins paired with four mixers and accompanying garnishes.

How to use your gin tasting box for a great tasting experience?

Firstly, decide if you are going to taste all the gins side-by-side or if you want to enjoy them over the course of a few days…

For a side-by-side gin comparison tasting, we recommend a tasting buddy and extra glasses. Pour 1/4 of each bottle in glass and add your tasting card next to the glass. Firstly, take a sniff from each glass to enjoy the aroma. Thereafter it is recommended to taste each of them neat (without mixer). For the best experience take a small sip, swirl it around over your tongue and swallow. Keep your mouth closed for at least 5 seconds after swallowing. This ensures you can taste the flavour of the gin without the evaporation burning sensation of the alcohol. Do this with each of the 4 gins. After the neat tasting, you have a choice, you can either taste all the gins with the same mixer or pair it with the mixer as recommended by the tasting. If you do not want to waste the mixers, share them with a friend, or divide it between all of the gins. Add a 1/4 to 1/2 of the mixer and the garnish to the glass (depending on the strength you prefer) and add a few ice cubes. Now taste all four the gins again with the mixer and garnish.

For a single perfect serve tasting, fill your gin glass with ice and pour halve of your first gin bottle over the ice. Top-up the glass with the paired tonic water or mixer. Now, for fun and a beautiful drink add the correct garnish!

Mixology tips to ensure the perfect serve of gin and tonic:

  • The more and larger the ice, the better to ensure it melts slower and your gin is not unnecessarily watered down.
  • Add the mixer at a 45-degree angle and pour against the glass to ensure you don’t lose too much of the bubbles.

What is included in your gin tasting box:

  • 4 x 50ml bottles of gin
  • 4 x 200ml mixers
  • 1 x Crystal glass
  • Dried botanical garnishes
  • Tasting notes / cocktail recipe card


  • Beautiful packaged gin tasting set in a wooden gift box and instructions, tasting notes and cocktail ideas on how best to enjoy your Incendo gin tasting box
  • Each mini glass gin bottle contains 50ml of perfect gin!
  • Range of gins included: Giniper Citrus & Fynbos Gin (main flavours: bergamot orange & wild rosemary), Magalies Classic Gin (main flavours: lemon & lime), Magalies Rose Gin (main flavour: rose & citrus), Magalies Lavender Gin (main flavour: lavender & citrus)
  • All included gin tasting box, just add ice…

The Incendo Distillery gin tasting box is the perfect little treat. Enjoy it socially with friends, as a team building activity with your co-workers (remotely or at the office), intimately with a loved one, or even just by yourself.