Did you know South Africa currently has 2,576 plant species that are threatened with extinction?

Is the Fynbos in your gin sustainably harvested – or taken from the wild without replenishing stocks? Is the wild African ginger used for gin and spiced rum harvested from the wild and sold with disregard to sustainability – or are the suppliers certain that it is sustainably managed?

At Incendo Distillery, we view the origin of the ingredients we use in our products of utmost importance. We aim to minimize our impact on the environment wherever possible – and we take responsibility for the source of our ingredients.

We don’t just look for exotic ingredients from the wild.

We look for producers that plant their own, are overseen and ensure sustainability and where possible plant organically.

Some of our suppliers include:

  • The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre (http://www.margaretroberts.co.za/): The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre is an extraordinary and exceptional place, designed to teach all about herbs, medicinal foods, natural insecticides, and building wellness. It is one of South Africa’s top ten gardens and is totally dedicated to organic farming and organic principles. We source Margaret Roberts Lavender, Margaret Roberts Rose, Aloe Blossoms, Lemon Grass and a string of other botanicals from this supplier.
  • An award winning community owned and operated business based in Natal. It has 17 hectares currently under cultivation, its own plant nursery and strives to follow best practice in terms of environmental sustainability and compliance, good agricultural and collection practice, and all other regulatory requirements.
  • A certified organic honeybush supplier – We source Honeybush from a certified organic supplier in the Western Cape
  • Citrus direct from the farmer: We source Bergamot Oranges and Blood oranges directly from the farmer in the Western Cape. We peel all these citrus fruits by hand – and dry them. Thanks to knowing their heritage we can be certain they have not been sprayed by pesticides that could be carried through in the process.
  • The Incendo Distillery Gardens and farm: We source ingredients such as Lemons, Limes, Rose Scented Geranium, Butterfly Pea flowers, and Aloe Peglerae Blossoms from our very own gardens surrounding the distillery. We’re also in the process of establishing orchards on the same property for other fruits. Plants such as the endangered Aloe Peglerae are grown from seed and established surrounding the distillery to ensure the conservation of the plant.

Wherever we can purchase locally we will. Grains such as barley, wheat, and corn is all purchased locally. We use only South African molasses and sugars – no imports.